Curry so hard Aunties wanna fine mee
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feelfeeler asked: In Sri Lanka atm, anything I should make sure I see before I leave?

Climb to the top of the Sigiriya; the breathtaking view is totally worth it.

Anonymous asked: i love u galen

Aww, my hearts taken by my own love; but hay, you’re pretty sweet your self! <3 

Anonymous asked: HEY FRIEND LOL

Sup mate!

Anonymous asked: are u a girl or guy?? love the blog!!! keeps me in touch with my desi side aha

Hay, thankaJuu! I’m a guy lol; ikr. Also, Sorry for not keeping this updated as much as I did last year, this years been very hectic, but nevertheless, much love xo!

Anonymous asked: is this galens blog? mentalityshit told me it was

Yes, my very old one.

Anonymous asked: guy or girl

Does it matterr? 

Anonymous asked: what do you see in a girl

I consider to see what ever a girl decides to show me. lol =D

Anonymous asked: Well, what's your number? What's your zodiac sign?

1 416, Virgo :)


Benzaitenसरस्वतीSarasvatī. the goddess of everything that flows; water, words, speech, eloquence, music and by extension, knowledge.